1. Introduction / Club profile: Sunshine Heights Cricket Club
Located in the suburbs of Sunshine West and Derrimut, the Sunshine Heights Cricket Club (SHCC) is a community based sporting organisation established in 1954, which provides opportunities to participate in sport, regardless of cultural background, gender, religion, ability or financial status.
Club profile
The club currently has approximately 300 participants. These include people from both male and female genders. Key member categories include: senior players, juniors, life members, and social members. An approximate break-down of these categories provided below:
·         105 Senior Players: 8 Senior teams – 3 turf (VTCA), and 4 Synthetic (NWMCA) and 1 Social Team (Sundays)
·         125 Junior players and participants: 6 Junior teams (including Milo In2Cricket and T20 Blast)
·         25 Social members
·         50 Volunteers (including parents)
Club facilities 
The club essentially operates out of the following two facilities:
1 - Ainsworth Reserve – Glengala Road, Sunshine West (Turf cricket and home base)
2 - Balmoral Reserve - Windsor Bvd, Derrimut (Synthetic grade cricket and juniors)
  1. History 
The Sunshine Heights Cricket Club (SHCC) was first established in 1954. During its formation and establishment period (1950-60s) the make-up of the club was predominantly Anglo-Saxon. The Club culture was traditional and included aspects associated with Clubs of the era. 
In season 1996-1997 the SHCC with its dwindling membership numbers, resources and prospects, President Nick Hatzoglou needed to take a different approach to survive into the future. With his extensive background in Sport coupled with qualifications in Sports Management, Nick introduced new ideas that started to challenge the traditional model of a sporting club. This included looking at the environment, the culture, resources and approach. The SHCC’s Club Executive and Life Members wanted to differentiate the Sunshine Heights Cricket club from other local cricket clubs and transform the culture of the club to from its traditional approach to one that is far more family friendly and inclusive environment for all players and supporters.

The Good Sports Program offered an excellent model for the club to follow in implementing its cultural change program. The Good Sports Program was introduced nto the SHCC during 1996 and embraced and expanded throughout the years.
As a result of both strategies put in place by the club and the changing demographics over the past 17 years the make-up of the SHCC has changed dramatically, largely reflecting the local community of the day. From its traditional foundations, the demographic started to shift during the 1960s and 1970s, initially from Europe, with a significant number of players coming from Greek, Italian, Maltese and Polish backgrounds. This transformation has continued throughout the 1980-2000 with new members emerging from Asian, African and sub-continent backgrounds. In addition to European migrants, the biggest increases in participants have been from India, South Sudan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
“Cricket Victoria is thrilled to find a progressive club which already has a well-established program with potential to grow. The work that Sunshine Heights is undertaking should be highly commended”. Annie Hateley – Community Program Manager, Cricket Victoria.